Meet the National Bestseller Author

In a candid conversation with Sportskeeda, the motivational speaker revealed that it was an incident a few years ago, when she found out how effective following Dhoni’s ideologies and his thinking process could prove to be when applied to daily life.

Sfurti is miffed by people stereotyping Dhoni as the ‘lucky one’ and instead insists the naysayers to accept that the Indian captain is extraordinary and has an exceptional mind. She revealed that following the World Cup winning six, the Indian captain captured her imagination and she started observing him to understand how he reacted to certain situations.

Sfurti feels that the book will help everyone in all walks of life

During the conversation, I was also made privy to the fact that she would also observe and interpret what Dhoni’s peers, friends and teammates used to say about him, which eventually helped her better understand the Indian captain.

Talking about this life-changing incident from a few years ago, she revealed that during an emotionally disturbing phase of her life, while she was fighting for her life against Dengue and had missed a couple of months of work, that she finally started inculcating Dhoni’s thinking process into her life. And according to her, everything started changing in her life and applying Dhoni’s out-of-the-box thinking in regular situations was paying huge dividends.


Sfurti, who also idolizes another Indian great – Sourav Ganguly, revealed that she is an admirer of the Indian captain’s thinking pattern.

She said: “I am a fan of Dhoni’s mind, I am a fan of his thinking pattern. If you ask me if I am a fan of Dhoni – I am a fan of his thinking and I really wish to get that in me.”

Talking about her quest to become an author from being a computer engineer, she divulged about her trip to Ranchi, which she undertook to better understand Dhoni’s psyche and explained how her interactions with friends and teachers of the iconic Indian captain, helped her collect many stories about him.

When asked about what surprised her the most about the talismanic Indian captain, Sfurti emphatically replied: “His work ethic. I have done so much and when I apply it [Dhoni’s way of thinking] it makes things easier, what I realized was that if someone like Dhoni can apply and put it, my life is really simpler than him, so why can’t I and why can’t we all?”

Sfurti had a special word of praise for Dhoni’s management, who helped her a lot in realizing her dream of meeting Dhoni and getting to have an inside look into the life of the Indian captain.

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