Must Read : How I Turn Black into Grey and then White!


Definition: The most annoying, disturbing and useless day of your Life!

Remember the last time your heart beat was fast?

You couldn’t sleep!

So many monkeys were dancing in your head!

So many monkeys where fighting inside your head and screaming the conversation you want to get rid off!!

My Black Days!

  1. When I was 21, Engineering Third Year! My Hall Ticket didn’t come and I couldn’t appear for exams! If! What a terrible blow it wasn’t s for me! When everyone cornered me! When everyone laughed!

  2. Second Black Day : I got Dengue…For almost 45 days I was struggling to even walk 200 meters…………Confidence dropped + Heath Dropped + Will Power Dropped + Work went for a toss + Fear Monkeys started showing up… and the “Mindset went for a TOSS!”

  • Third Black Day: My Debut Book ‘Think and Win like Dhoni’. (PS: you will find it lurking somewhere on my website)was consecutively Rejected…. More than 22 times! And for the first time wild monkeys inside my head convinced me and said…You just have lost the game! How terrible the feeling was when you felt that your career is almost gone!’

The characteristics of these Black Days!

  • They won’t leave anyone!

  • They are very Powerful!

  • They are the major turning points of your lives!

  • They come Black bit there colors can be changed!

  • They will come for everyone!

What is the colour change I am talking about!

‘Colour Change’


They Look Black!

But slowly, you can turn it to ‘Grey’ and gradually in few years to ‘White’… .

So point to remember, every black day can turn into white provided you take the right steps!

Before getting into steps let me tell you what will not work and why?

Why ‘just’ positive thinking in the Black Day doesn’t work? Remember the word ‘Just’ btw…

  1. Your Wild Monkeys are very strong on ‘Black Day!’….Now when you teach them to be positive on that day! They will immediately throw away your requests and convince you that Positive Thinking is useless! So what to do?

  2. On this Day, you just need to ‘Observe’ the wild monkeys and not teach them!

  3. Understand which Monkey is Dominant and Why and What it wants for u!

  4. Do not try to touch them, they are right now so strong and they also have enough proofs to tell you that you are in complete mess!

Just Observe!

Once you Observe,

The same black day will look like a grey day. Nor black nor white! It will be the result. You will know that you lost something but you also started thinking that you will gain!

Let me explain you this way!

Suppose 25 January was a bad day for you..

You kind of broke up or you lost your job…

Immediate positive thinking wont work…

Just keep yourself busy and let time pass, start seeing this as grey than complete black! start seeing this as grey than complete black!

In the diagram, if you keep thinking 25th Jan as bad and never show any will to change the colour of the day, you will fall into the dense loop of negativity! And 25th Jan will be a turning point of your life! Not in a positive way but in a negative way!

SO my point is, why not convert 25th Jan into white…

For me all the Black days are white now!

  1. My Hall Ticket loss was a turning point! It introduced me to a book called ,“The Secret” and has got the Best Out of me!”

I see that Black day as a White day and beyond!

  • My Health! : Now I eat on time, Sleep on time! Eat the right stuff! Eat Dry Fruits, Eat Salads, Have Plenty of Water and feel confident about my health. Have Plenty of Water and feel confident about my health.

  • My Publishers.. that phase has given me kick and asked me to do everything possible to get book on the Top Charts!

How to turn Black Day Into Grey And then White…

  1. ‘Keep yourself Busy!’ : This advice was given to me by a Cricketer when I was struggling.

  2. Why Rule 1? To avoid the monkey dance! To avoid wild monkey

convert the situation for Bad to Worst!

  • Take Actions: Wild Monkeys just paralyze you… Fear Monkey will over calculate and stop you from taking actions!

  • Don’t listen to every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’s’ Monkey! : You will get advice from your neighbor, neighbour’s neighbour, neighbour’ neighbour wife! And so on…

  • Usually when a Black day arrives! Your work halts and that gives you enough time for your monkeys to hallucinate and move around!

So the real mantra would be ….

Think Less + Listen Wise + Keep Feeding your monkeys with cherries ( Keep them Occupied + and just believe that this day will turn its colour eventually to grey and white!

Happy Reading 🙂

More Love


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